Gothenburg Nighlife on a Wednesday

If you have been wondering what’s on for Gothenburg Nightlife on a Wednesday, worry no more and keep reading. I will guide you in the jungle of Sweden’s second largest city. Although Wednesday is mostly the night when you go out on a quiz there are other things to do as well. 


Start out your Wednesday evening anytime between 12 and 6 pm. with a visit to the 100th birthday of Röhska museet (museum). It’s open on Wednesdays but also anytime between 5th-18th of September.


There are a number of quizzez on a Wednesday and so you should go to the one that your friends will meet up at or the one that is closest to your home. There are so many that it is impossible to mention all of them. Whether you are at Andra Långgatan around Järntorget or around Magasinsgatan closer to Drottninggatan, or around the Avenue, you will always find something. If you don’t like my tips here you should check out the page here and you will have your own deal for a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Wednesday. I have hand picked quizzes where you can win great prizes, and one of them is GG Bar where you win 500 SEK for first prize and 250 SEK for second, at Kapellgatan 12 close to Wasa Vuxengymnasium with the tram up towards Chalmers. Or rather win 500 SEK at the old pub Halta Lottas Krog at Redbergsplatsen, Ånäsvägen 2B (Limping Lotta’s bar). This is a pub known from the days when Gothenburg was a huge harbour city appearing in the song “50 öre kostar supen”, – 50 öre (an old Swedish currency) is the price of a shot, or it appears in the movie Halta Lottas krog from 1942. These were the days when all the sailors got off the ships and went for a drink in Gothenburg. At Hemma Hos at Haga Nygata 12 in the famous old Haga area, you can win at least 300 SEK and the themes vary. At Hops, on Masthuggstorget 3, you can win up to 800 SEK as first price and 400 SEK as number two. Mittwoch at Pustervik is open for a sound-screen POPCROSSWORD (popkryss) and a quiz on popular culture AND has a club every other Wednesday which starts at 8 p.m. until 11 p.m, but Pustervik itself is open to 2 a.m.

Gothenburg Nightlife on a Wednesday_
Gothenburg Nightlife on a Wednesday_

The Avenue:

Familjen (or the Family) has a mafia vibe to its name but is mostly a restaurant. However, they can boast of great cocktails to die for if you want to feel like Don Corleone for an evening. On Wednesdays, they don’t have a DJ as they do on Saturdays and Sundays, but it could still be well worth it. It is open 6 p.m.-midnight and has a free entrance, situated on Arkivgatan 7. When you are through drinking cocktails and it is time to move on to dancing, Yaki-Da might be the place since it is one of the few places keeping open making Gothenburg Nightlife on a Wednesday worth it. Entrance is 100 SEK and it’s open until 3 a.m. A little further down on the Avenue, close to the place where all people in Gothenburg meet fo a date, at Kungsportsplatsen, or more precisely “Kopparmärra”,  -the big copper statue with the proud man sitting on a horse, is the hotel Avalon at Kungstorget 9. It was given the price in 2008 as the most beautiful building in Gotheburg. Whatever you think about this, it might be exciting at least to look at the outside swimming pool up in the sky that should still be open September out. They also have cocktails to drink while you are there.

With this, I hope you can enjoy Gotheburg Nightlife on a Wednesday to the fullest!