Gothenburg’s Monday Nightlife 

Is there even a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday? A lot of people return to work on Monday and it feels perhaps even less fun than the feeling of a Sunday. But not all of us have the same work schedules, and some are free on Mondays. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be doing something fun when you have the time, right? Bear in mind that some bars are closed on Mondays, however.  Here is your guide on what to do on a Monday evening. 

Start the evening early and pay nothing:

If you are interested in photographs of insects like you have never seen them before, there is a free vernissage on Monday 5 p.m-7 p.m at Kärra Centrum 21. Learning Swedish is free at Rambergskyrkan , Borstbindaregatan 12 A or if it is more convenient please go to Götaplatsen 3 at the State Library on the avenue where the level of Swedish is for complete beginners. Or if you rather have free coffee or tea at Frivilligcentralen, Chapmans Torg 5 and let volunteers guide you in your Swedish 4.30 p.m.-6.30.

Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday
Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday

When the sun is slowly going down then the access to Gothenburg Bars & Nightlife on a Monday can mainly be divided into two areas; the Avenue and the places around Majorna and Järntorget. The places around Järntorget are more targeted for proggers and hipsters, and some people would say that Gothenburg in comparison to Stockholm is the more relaxed city this way. Andralång Comedy is arranging standup comedy at Jerntorgets brygghus, in the corner of Andra Lång, on Mondays at 8.00 p.m. to 22.00. Be on time out of  respect for the comedian! Other bars open on a Monday are Bar Centro with natural wines close to “Kompassen”, Barabicu who can boast a DJ and Boulebar where you play boule and drink beer at the same time in the former street of Gotheburg’s “red light district” Rosenlund. On Andra Långgatan the bars are located as a string of pearls though nothing much is happening for Gothenburg Nightlife, Monday. It is Hops, Haket, Holy Moly and Sejdeln with its vending machines. You’ve got Ölstugan Tullen with a variety of people. If you want to go on a cozy date underground in this area, go to Soho beer house. You’ve got Kellys with cheaper beer and pizzas (but not necessarily any quality food) and Kafé Magazinet with cheaper beer and an escape from the sports bars on the parallel street Tredje Långgatan.

At the Avenue on a Monday, you could book bowling for not too much money if you share a lane with your friends from 6 p.m. where the bar is also open. Continue if you may to Götaplatsen’s new open sky bar at the top of the avenue for the more romantic ending on your Gothenburg Nightlife, Monday. John Scott on the Avenue is open until 1 am and if you are a real Monday celebrator you can still go to Lilla London (Little London) which got its name from Gotheburg’s nickname since it rains almost as much as in London here…

If your ex is partying around Järntorget and you are sick of the blue collars on the Avenue you can always try the antique pub 7:ans ölhall opening at 7 p.m., close to Kungsportsplatsen.  There is also  Tranquilo for Latino and African rhythms. Tranquilo is probably the place where you can get the most relaxed dancing in the whole of Gothenburg. And if you have decided to marry your date for the night,  or if your relatives are here to see what a beautiful place Gothenburg is, you can surprise him or her by going to the luxurious Heaven 23 in the Gothia Towers close to Liserberg. Here you can offer them the amazing shrimp sandwiches until 11 p.m. and enjoy the glittering view of the sky over Gothenburg Nightlife, Monday, in all directions until midnight.

Museums are usually free in Sweden but are closed on Mondays, so don’t go there! And If you want to go for a quiz, Monday is NOT the evening.