Man weaves, the male hair trend changing lifes

The man weave made social media buzzing 2018 and is a trend that most likely isn’t dying any time soon. Gone are the days of badly installed or placed toupees, men can now get very realistic man weaves which would leave any spectator unknowing.

What is a Man Weave?

A man weave is a hair unit or cranial prosthesis marketed towards men experiencing balding. The weave itself is nothing new and something that women use for different reasons. It is used to either switch up a hairstyle or as a protective style as anything from length to the texture of the hair can be selected and adjusted according to preference.

With that being said getting hair extensions is not a big deal, but why does it seem to be a double standard when talking about men weaves.  It would seem that men that choose to go this route don’t want people within their surrounding to know about the hair transformation. Due to the fear of being ridiculed by friends and loved ones but speak on the effect that the transformation has on them. They speak of a boost of confidence and a form of rejuvenation after having the unit installed.

Let’s face it losing hair could have an effect on the confidence level as it alters one’s appearance and not everyone wants to accept. So if given a chance to boost confidence levels and feel good about oneself should any eyebrows be raised over any man choosing to use a man weave.

Man weave transformation. Photo credit: Wade the barber

How is a Man Weave installed?

Each hair unit is accustomised to the customer, the barber has to take the head shape of the client, hair texture, colour and hairline into account. This is a process that takes 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the style of choice. The unit is installed with bonds and glue. The hair glue and bond chemical does not damage the hair. The barber or stylist then cuts, trims and shapes the clients own hair and the hair unit in order for both to effortlessly blend and thereby achieving a natural look.

How to maintain a Man Weave

Once installed the hair unit can last 1-4 months depending on the chosen hairstyle and how it is maintained. If you need help maintaining the hair unit it is okay to go back to your barber or hair stylist to help with the maintenance. Things to keep in mind in order to keep the unit looking fresh:

  • Everyday activities can be performed as usual. It’s important to keep in mind that excessive exposure to water, sweat included could cause the unit to loosen.
  • Wearing a shower cap when taking a shower is a must. Swimming with a hair unit is fully possible.
  • A du-rag or head covering should be worn at night to help keep the texture of hair.
  • To avoid or minimize shedding always use wide-toothed combs or a wig brush to detangle the hair unit. Brush the unit gently and always remember to start from the ends and work yourself towards the root.
  • When removing the hair unit, do it gently or head to your barber/ hairstylist.
  • When washing your hair unit, use a sulfate-free shampoo and condition the hair afterward.

So what does it cost to install a Man Weave?

If you wish to boost your confidence you will need to be ready to spend some money. As for Scandinavia, it is hard to tell if there are any barbers that specialize within this craft specifically for afro textured hair. If you’re based in the US the cost of installing a man weave may range from $200 to $800.

Should you install a Man Weave in 2019?

Hair is an essential factor regardless of gender and not everyone is ready or willing to accept the loss of hair due to genetics or other circumstances. If wearing a man weave helps boost a man’s confidence and makes him feel rejuvenated then that’s all that matters. The hair industry is constantly changing and this seems like a market that will evolve and contribute to the billion dollar industry.

Do you know of any barbers in Scandinavia or within Europe that specializes within the area, recommend them below and help others get the hair transformation they deserve!