Outrage as Blac Chyna Promotes Skin bleaching cream in Africa

Blac Chyna has been trending on social media since it was announced that she is partnering with the company Whitenicious by Dencia. A company that has had a lot of controversy due to the fact that it sells skin bleaching cream. Dencia is a former Cameroonian pop star that launched her skincare line Whitenicious in 2014. The controversy surrounding the skincare line does not seem to have affected business rather the opposite. With interviews that she has conducted over the course of years, she has stated that 80 % of her customer base consists of African-Americans,10 % of Africans and the remaining 10 % of Europeans. It is a misconception that the skin care makes most of its money in Africa which she explained it due to the fact that people seem to believe that she is based in Nigeria which is not so. In an interview conducted by Bella Naija in 2014, a Nigerian online magazine and blog she explains why Africa is not her largest market.

“I have celebrities buying Whitenicous and all of these people are African Americans, they are not Africans. My African market is just 10% because guess what? They don’t have credit cards to buy the products and I’m only taking credit cards or PayPal. And they don’t have that access, do you get what I’m saying? It’s these people that can access that.”

With these statements on ground, why would Blac Chyna be heading to Nigeria to promote the newly launched cream, Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream? The cream is set at $250 which is equivalent to ₦91 000.

Whitenicious by Dencia

As problematic as Blac Chyna is this can hardly come as a surprise as she is simply doing this for money.

Having Blac Chyna do the product launch in Nigeria as opposed to the US was a strategic PR stunt as it would attract more attention. At the launch Dencia, herself will host the event and Bobrisky will be making an appearance. Another Nigerian celebrity that sells skin lightening products.

Therefore the backlash and attention the product has received will unfortunately not affect the sales. People will still buy this product and Whitenicious by Dencia will continue thriving from the attention media has granted them.

The issues with skin bleaching will best be handled once regulations are in place to ban these products and we tackle the colorist problems we have within the black community.