Fashion tips for autumn

It’s always hard to get excited about autumn because then you have to accept that winter is that much closer and there’s really no excitement in that. BUT I am the kind of person who always looks for the bright side of things, and the bright side of fall is definitely the opportunity fall fashion gives you. Since fall is getting closer and closer by the day, it’s only fitting that we start looking at some pieces that can make the transition to fall as smooth and effortless as possible. “Fashion tips for autumn”

When to trim your afro hair

A common question which has no easy answer is when or how often you should trim your afro hair. A hair dresser may respond with every six to eight weeks, whereas a hair vlogger with long hair may say once a year. There seems to be many different answers to this question and no “one fits all” answer. “When to trim your afro hair”

That everyday colorism

Yes, my youngest daughter is darker in her skin than her older sister and yes they have the same mother and father. If you have an issue with that or feel the need to question or express it, please do. But know that I won’t keep quiet. You will get my full story on how I view your ignorance.
“That everyday colorism”