Gothenburg Nightlife on a Tuesday

As on Mondays, it can be hard to party or have a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Tuesday. But don’t lose heart, I have done the research for you! If you want to start early, you could start in the evening with something that even the kids can join. Enjoy free admission at the Flunåsparken with your whole family at Sockenvägen 24 that includes fireworks, music and a talent show Tuesday 6th of September. “Gothenburg Nightlife on a Tuesday”

Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday

Gothenburg’s Monday Nightlife 

Is there even a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday? A lot of people return to work on Monday and it feels perhaps even less fun than the feeling of a Sunday. But not all of us have the same work schedules, and some are free on Mondays. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be doing something fun when you have the time, right? Bear in mind that some bars are closed on Mondays, however.  Here is your guide on what to do on a Monday evening.  “Gothenburg’s Monday Nightlife “

Preparing your hair for colder weather

As we enjoy what could be the last days of warm weather this summer here in Scandinavia, it’s good to think ahead a bit. For some, summer is about protective styling and not worrying too much about their hair. For others, summer is the time of year when they wear their hair out the most, exposed to the elements. Whichever person you maybe it’s good to think a bit about the cold months that are about to come. “Preparing your hair for colder weather”

Emotional Attachment to Hair

There are people who claim that hair is just hair and nothing to fuss about. But to many women (and men) hair is so much more. The thought of shaving one’s hair off is something that many women wouldn’t even do for the offer of 1 million euros. Due to the fear of something going wrong some will avoid getting their hair cut by anyone but their regular hair dresser. Or they will refuse to color their hair for the fear of the color coming out bad. Time and time again women express their attachment to long hair. They will even go so far as to refuse to cut off damaged hair due to this fear of losing length. “Emotional Attachment to Hair”

Afro hair for men

There seems to be a bit of a misconception that the natural hair community is only for women, this is not the case. Men are more than welcome to learn to care for their afro hair or their child’s afro hair. No matter if you are male or female you need knowledge to grow healthy hair. “Afro hair for men”

Malmö african festival

Children learn a lot through what they see. Malmö African Festival brought together West African and Swedish Culture. The festival offered children’s activities, dance performances, colourful stalls with clothes, jewellery and hand made baskets. “Malmö african festival”