Preparing your hair for colder weather

As we enjoy what could be the last days of warm weather this summer here in Scandinavia, it’s good to think ahead a bit. For some, summer is about protective styling and not worrying too much about their hair. For others, summer is the time of year when they wear their hair out the most, exposed to the elements. Whichever person you maybe it’s good to think a bit about the cold months that are about to come. Maybe this is the time to trim those ends?  When did you last trim your ends? Are your ends dry, brittle and do they tangle easily? It’s time for a trim! It’s good to start the cold season off with a trim because that gives you a base of healthy hair to work with. Depending on your hair’s overall health and hair care routine you may have to trim your hair every six weeks or once every three months. How often you trim is very individual and is not the same for everyone.

Fall and winter is usually quite harsh on our hair in Scandinavia. Everything from the cold weather to the frequent use of hats and scarves contributes to drying out the hair which in turn makes it more fragile. To combat dryness make sure to have a good hair care routine that focuses on maintaining moisture.

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In colder months focus on having a good moisturizing deep conditioner as part of your routine and use it often. What’s often? That depends on how often you wash your hair and what your lifestyle is like. But you can try to use it every wash day instead of conditioner to see how your hair reacts to this. If your hair doesn’t feel more moisturized after using the deep conditioner it could be that you have product build up preventing the moisture to get to the hair strand. Or the deep conditioner isn’t moisturizing enough. Make sure you wash your hair properly before deep conditioning for the deep conditioner to be able to do it’s job. How long you should keep the deep conditioner in your hair varies; read the product instructions to find out how to best use the product you have chosen. Most deep conditioners work better if you use a heating cap or wrap your hair in plastic and a head wrap so the heat of your body can help open up the hair shaft and the moisture can penetrate the hair even better.

Remember to use products that list water as the first ingredient when your goal is to moisturise your hair. Stay away from products containing sulfate or alcohol as these dry out your hair a lot. Don’t use excessive heat during winter, it’s better to plan most of your wash days to days when you can stay home and let your hair air dry.