When to trim your afro hair

A common question which has no easy answer is when or how often you should trim your afro hair. A hair dresser may respond with every six to eight weeks, whereas a hair vlogger with long hair may say once a year. There seems to be many different answers to this question and no “one fits all” answer.

Trimming hair is a bit different from cutting it. With cutting you do more to have a certain style of hair or a certain length, whereas trimming is just a way of getting rid of worn ends and maintaining the style you already have. Trimming your hair helps maintain a healthy head of hair and minimizes breakage and tangles. Some prefer to dust their ends instead of trimming it. Dusting means you cut a little here and a little there whenever you find it needed: Such as when you see a hair with a split end you might just snip off that hair instead of trimming all your hair at the same time. Trimming your hair is important as it removes the oldest and most fragile part of your hair – the ends. This part of you hair may split and that split can travel upward causing your hair to thin and break in places. Your ends may also be very thin and worn and break off regularly which can keep your hair at the same length. You notice this type of breakage as little pieces of hair on your clothes or your pillow. Dry and worn ends are also seen to be the cause of single strand knots. These are knots that happen when the hair curls up on itself and causes a knot. Some are more prone to these knots than others. You will often see more single strand knots in people’s hair if their hair is long and/or tightly coiled.

Personally I trim the ends of my hair about every three to four months. This works for me as my hair is not subject to a lot of wear and tear. I use heat to dry my hair once in a while, more frequently during the colder months. I haven’t flat ironed it in years either. I rarely comb it, I prefer to finger detangle. I don’t wear the same style all the time either. My hair is quite healthy so I can have some months between trims. I usually trim when I discover a lot of single strand knots or when my ends are tangling more than usual. I’ve learnt which signs to look for over time. Just pay attention and you will learn too.

Don’t be afraid to trim your hair thinking it won’t grow back. If you do trim too often you will however be stuck at what seems to be the same length of hair as you are trimming at the same place or faster than your hair grows. If this happens you can just trim a little less frequently. If you trim regularly but not too often then you should see substantial hair growth and shouldn’t worry about it not growing back. Healthy hair grows, so if you are eating well and drinking enough water in combination with taking good care of your hair, it will grow.