Wizkid cancelled Way Out West

One of Nigeria’s largest artists, Wizkid, was set to perform at Way Out West in Gothenburg on 11th August. Speculations regarding whether he would perform at Way Out West in August arose when a comment was placed on Way Out West facebook page questioning them why they have not notified the public that artist will not be performing in Gothenburg. The poster that the Facebook user placed on Way out West facebook page confirmed Wizkid performance at a different festival, Africa Music Fest in New York on the very same day that his to perform in Gothenburg.

Wizkid at Way Out West

Way Out West has now confirmed that the artist was in fact booked for booth shows that will be taking place on the same day and that he will no longer be performing at  WOW festival in Gothenburg.

There is quite some disappointment over the cancelled performance. It is quite unfortunate that the artist management gambles with the reputation of the artist since these bookings are made far in advance. Hopefully, this kind of behavior does not disrupt future opportunities.