Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) brought together business representatives, researchers, ministers, diplomatic communities and Ambassadors in Trondheim in Norway. The title of the seminar was Business focus on East-Africa: Energy & Technology which was aimed at facilitating mutual business opportunities between Norway and African countries.

Some of the fifteen reasons given by East African Community ( ) on why Norwegian should invest in the region are as follows;

  • Market access to more than 130 million people.
  • Combined GDP size of about US$ 75 billion
  • The world’s fastest-reforming region in term of business regulation
  • Simplified investment procedures and one-stop centre facility provided by national investment promotion offered.
  • Generous incentives offered
  • Vibrant and upcoming capital and securing market.
  • High level of intra-regional trade and cross-border investments.
  • Numerous investment opportunities traversing all sectors.
  • Abundant labour force­-educated, trained, mobile, skilled, and enterprising.
  • English is widely spoken; it is one of or the only official language in at least four of the five Partner States.
  • Insurance against non-commercial risk by Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATIA).
  • Sanctity of private property guaranteed by national constitutions.
  • Stable political environment and high level of governance and democracy.
  • Consumer loyalty.
  • A warm and hospitable people.

It was a well-attended seminar which had the following people in attendance:

Ambassador to Kenya – Purity Muhindi

Ambassador to Uganda-  Joseph Tomusange

Ambassador to Tanzania- Muhammed Mzale

Burundi Minister of East Africa Cooperation – Hafsa Mossi.

Burundi Minister of Energy and Mines- Come Manirakiza.

Chargé d ҆affaires  (Embassy of South Sudan ) – James Kur Muorwel

Trade and investment officer from Rwanda- Reuben Mugisha.

Deputy Director General Africa Section in Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Ms Elisabeth Jacobsen

Senior Vice President of Scatec Solar- Terje Osmundsen.

Senior Adviser to FK Norway- Håvard  Hovdhaugen.

and many other dignitaries. The seminar was organized by NABA and co-organized by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in partnership with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

Skandik Afrik was at hand in Trondheim, broadcasted the event live on our webpage. For those who missed coming to the seminar or watching it live on, here is the full detail of all that happened at the seminar: From prospective technology-driven organizations and companies to meet the East African region ambassadors, ministers and representatives.

Watch the seminar, see the pictures and leave your comments.

For more information about the seminar check

 (To see more recording on the seminar go to Skandikafrik channel on youtube)

  Nina Rᴓda Cave and Eivind Fjeldstad

Cross section of crowd at the seminar 

 Hon. Hafsa Mossi presenting Burundi at the seminar

Cross section of dignitaries at the seminar 

Ambassador Joseph Tomusange (Embassy of Uganda, Copenhagen)

 Ambassador Muhammed Mzale  (Embassy of Tanzania, Stockholm)


Ambassador Purity Muhindi  (Embassy of Kenya, Stockholm)

 Hon. Hafsa Mossi (Burundi Minister of East Africa Cooperation)

Mr Reuben Mugisha (Trade&Investment officer)

Embassy of Rwanda, Stockholm.

Einar Stenstadvold (CEO Agualmara AS) delivering lecture on Agualmara looks to Africa 

     Carole Rosenlund, ICH representative at the seminar  

  Eivind Fjeldstad  (NABA-Managing Director)

        Karen Mbilizi

            NABA members