Free African web series to watch during summer

Want something to watch during rainy days during the summer or any other day when you would rather stay in opposed to being outside. Here are some suggestions on a couple of short African web-series, some old others new. Have any good series that you have watched and would like to recommend, comment below!


MTV Shuga 

MTV Shuga
MTV Shuga

Shuga also known as MTV Shuga is an African drama series that raises and creates discussions on a range of topics that young adolescents in Africa face such as safe sex, consent, abortion, education and so much more. The series aim is to change the attitude, educate and start discussions among youths on various topics.

It was initially aired in Kenya, 2009. In this series, we get to see Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyongo before her breakthrough. The series shot in Kenya are from season 1-season 2. The production was later moved to Nigeria in 2013. The continuation on the series was now named Shuga Naija with Season 3-Season 4. In Season 5 (2017) Shuga was shot in South Africa, named Shuga Down South. The latest series produced (2018) we are back in Nigeria with Shuga Naija.


The series can be watched directly at  MTV Shuga and on their youtube channel.

MTV Shuga Kenya, Watch here

MTV Shuga Naija, Watch here

MTV Shuga Down South, Watch here



Ndani Tv is an online television platform that produces a variety of web series that can be found both on their website,, and their YouTube channel.

With the web series presented the viewers get to experience the best of African fashion, film & art. The quality of film and storytelling is worth watching. There are a lot of stories to choose from and are a couple of them are listed below:


Rumour has it (Drama)

rumour has it Rumour has is a mini web series that centres around the celebrity vlogger, Obi Obi. Obi is a famous celebrity vlogger that reached fame and status by spreading rumours about celebrity. Everything in her life seems perfect or is it?

Season 1, Watch here

Season 2, Watch here


Gidi Up (Drama, Thriller)

Gidi upGidi up centres around the lives of a group of friends living in Lagos, Nigeria. In the pursuit of success, happiness and independence, individual choices quickly turn Lagos dreams into a nightmare. So far there are two finished season but fans are eagerly waiting for a third season, a wish that seems to have come true as a trailer was released.

Season 1, Watch here            Season 2, Watch here                      Season 3, Watch here


Skinny Girl In Transit (Drama, Comedy, Romance)

Skinny girl in transit Skinny Girl In Transit is a comedy series about a young Nigerian woman, Tiwalade, and her efforts at losing weight. Tiwalade has to deal with an overdramatic mother, a slim pretty and shallow sister, and a struggling love life. There are four seasons on this web series.

Season 1, Watch here



An African city (Drama)

an african cityAn African City is a mini web series that follows the lives of five young single female friends that have relocated to Ghana from the United States of America. The series is created as a Ghanaian equivalent of Sex and the City.

Season 1, Watch here