How Miss Hosting nearly ended Skandik Afrik Website

Finding a business that provides hosting services for websites can be a struggle especially when reviews online can be rather misleading. Finding serious companies within the web hotel and domain services is a gambling change and having some basic knowledge on the sourced product combined with doing an analysis of the website providing the service might help prevent potential headache. But there are instances in which pre-emptive work might not prevent unfortunate situations from occurring. From Skandik Afriks experience, finding a good hosting company has been a tough learning curve and quite challenging. We relied much on the online reviews, which lead us to Miss Hosting Sweden. These reviews turned out to be misleading after much examination.

Miss Hosting Sweden
Miss Hosting Sweden

Skandik Afrik website went through a remodeling at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016 in order to make the website more user-friendly. With the new updates on the website the main change being the change of software framework, we could not continue using the services of the current web hotel provider and had to shift it to a hosting company that could manage the new software framework. This is how we unknowingly signed with a company that ultimately would turn out to be a nightmare, Miss Hosting Sweden part of Miss Group.

After reviewing and a lot of consideration of different hosting companies the conclusive decision landed on Miss hosting. Unknowingly this was the just the beginning to the madness that would almost end 7 years’ worth of work put into the website. Extreme lack of administrative coordination was the first indication of things not really being right. Miss Hosting would bill us several times every month, never did they get a single bill right for several months. A couple of months into using Miss Hosting service, there was a desire of moving the website to another web hosting company. Unfortunately before this point was ever reached the website was deleted from their server.  With no warning of them deleting the website from the server it came to our attention in March 2017 on a Friday evening that something was not right. Prior to that incident the website was working fine, we had a contact person assigned to us that we had been in contact with for months. There had been back and forth communication between both parties for weeks before this incident and at no point had our contact person mention that the website was about to be deleted. Upon us discovering that the website was deleted on Friday, getting in touch with our contact person and customer service to have the mistake reverted turned out impossible. Upon demanding to know why the website was shut down from the server, different explanations were given one of which were that we had requested to end our service with the company. Which according to their own terms and conditions this can only be done in writing. For each explanation we demanded that the website should be restored and each claim was false, at this point talking to customer service was a nightmare. As we were only meet with arrogance and lack of understanding. Eventually the explanation that was provided was that their system had automatically deleted the website from their system and once that is done there is no way of restoring it. As Miss Hosting claims to store and have up to date backups we demanded that it should be restored,  to which they could not due to lack of knowledge on how to. Upon further investigation on how this situation could have occurred it could be concluded that one of the staff from Miss Hosting that was not our assigned contact person thought we wanted to terminate our service and had somehow deleted the website from the server. When referring to the Miss Hosting backup that the company claims to keep updated and urging them to restore the website was not working, the only route left to approach was the law. Approaching a law firm and through them demand Miss Hosting correct their mistake. While the law firm waited for a response from Miss Hosting, we were able to restore the old version of the website with the help of our former web hotel provider. At this point, it was now August.  Fortunately for us our former web hoster still had the old version of the website which could be restored while still waiting to restore the deleted one. With a risk of running into high attorney costs and with Miss Hosting not being forthcoming the case had to be dropped. According to Miss Hosting, they did not seem to see what the problem was as there was a website up and running and in return were demanding that their service charge be paid for using their server. Upon providing evidence of the transcripts between Skandik Afrik and Miss Hosting to point out the error of their way and showing both the old and new version of the website. Miss Hosting Sweden not only refused to admit the error in their way and compensate for the loss they caused, they had the audacity of demanding pay for their service during the months that the website was deleted. Yes, we were continuously being billed during the several months that the website was non-existing on the server. We were eventually able to restore almost all lost material single-handedly to this current website which took nearly a year.

What makes Miss Hosting Sweden both despicable and disingenuous is that they have been billing us the months when the website was non-existing. This kind of toxic behaviour defies moral and ethical norms when conducting business and it should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

This is not the first time Miss Hosting has done this and with attorney costs being so high, not every individual or small-scale business can afford to use the law as a means of attaining justice. The reason as to why companies of this nature need to be exposed is because when some of these problems occur they can have a detrimental effect on small-scale business or websites run as a hobby for that matter. Rather than have this happen to anyone else we would like to warn anyone considering to use Miss Hosting services as the consequences might be detrimental. Not all cases that find themselves in these situations can afford to take the legal route to fight with these companies as the legal process can become rather expensive. And because of this, these companies do tend to get away with a lot of misconducted behavior.  Please be warned because the reviews online of this company are biased since they pay for those good reviews. The good reviews in return may give the impression of a seemingly serious company that manages to provide good customer service to their users. It becomes important to have a more thorough look at whoever is providing the review and analyze how independent the review is.

We at Skandik Afrik have learnt the tough way; have had our business disrupted, (almost killed) resulting in loss of time, money and have had to deal with much distress. Due diligence is, therefore, absolutely always crucial before undertaking any business as it will help you to navigate the business world and avoid the likes of Miss Hosting Sweden.