Michael Ross live performance

Skandik Afrik met One of Uganda`s most popular RnB artist Michael Ross in Kampala.
He is known for his sleek dancing steps as well as his soft appealing voice. He has had numbers of successful albums released in Uganda and east Africa and has both stage and crowd command which made Skandik Afrik to follow up his performance at Sheraton Garden in Kampala, where all the best know artist performed every year. “Michael Ross live performance”


Oriflame stood right in the business district of Kampala at Jinja road. They have been operating for the past three and half years in Uganda, with the head office for the eastern part of Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. There has been a tremendous positive response to Oriflame products in Uganda with customer’s ranges from all ages including both men and women. “SWEDISH COSMETICS ORIFLAME ROCKS UGANDA”

Kenyan independence in Sweden

Kenyans in Gothenburg celebrated their Jamhuri day with enthusiasm and energy. It was a climax for the end of the year meeting as well as a time to enjoy the independence and freedom. Independence day reminds us of the struggle for human rights and freedom. The theme of the day was `youth and freedom’.  The message of the freedom to be a part of nation building and unity was delivered by Ms. Sarah Nyangena the initiator of the process. “Kenyan independence in Sweden”