Books for children with afro hair

Children of all ages appreciate books in different ways. But many children’s books, especially in Scandinavia, have characters that don’t look like African children. Even small children at age three or four may notice this. And when they are introduced to a book with a character that has afro hair and brown skin they are overjoyed to see a character that looks like them. “Books for children with afro hair”

Why Many Afro-Swedes Marched for Justice at Black Lives Matter Protest In Stockholm

The demonstration supporting Black Lives Matter movement attracted over a thousand people at Sergel Square in Stockholm, Sweden. With strong words of support for the movement delivered by the representatives of different Afro-Swedish umbrella organizations, some of the representatives also highlighted the challenges the minority African community (People of African descent or PAD) in Sweden face, such as vulnerability to hate crimes, racism and injustices – which is very similar to the issues in the United States. “Why Many Afro-Swedes Marched for Justice at Black Lives Matter Protest In Stockholm”

The Head Wrap

The head wrap probably has as many names as there are ways of tying it. Whether you call it a head wrap, turban, scarf or even gele (Nigeria) or doek (South Africa) the idea is the same. You cover your hair with a piece of fabric. There are different fabrics and ways to tie a head wrap all over the African continent as well as in the African diaspora. Wearing a head wrap is nothing new, but it became more mainstream in the late 1990’s thanks to African- American entertainers like Erykah Badu and India Arie. “The Head Wrap”

Black Lives Matter protest spread to Sweden: Malmö shows solidarity

Several hundred people showed up to protest in sympathy for the Black Lives Matter movement at Möllevångstorget in Malmö, Sweden. The Black Lives Matter movement fights against discrimination and police brutality of Black people in the United States and has grown stronger thanks to social media and has spread across the globe where similar protests and solidarity with the movement is increasing.

“Black Lives Matter protest spread to Sweden: Malmö shows solidarity”

Hands in my hair

When you live in a predominantly straight-haired region of the world like Scandinavia and have afro hair, you will encounter a lot of people who are very fascinated by your hair. Adults sometimes act like children and all of the sudden can’t control their hands, which move so fast that it almost seems to be a reflex. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in situations when friends or co-workers say, “I just have to,” and at the same time their hands are already in my hair. “Hands in my hair”

Perception Gap: Patrice Naiambana on migration, decoloniality and Othello

It’s been a little over a week since BE.BOP 2016 has ended, and I’m still contemplating the many gems that were experienced both here in Copenhagen and Berlin. Founded, conceived and curated by Alanna Lockward of Art Labour Archives who herself describes BE.BOP as  “a generative curatorial script.” Where Lockward “stages a dramaturgy, and each participant is a star in their own right, who recreates the script following their own connection with spirit.” “Perception Gap: Patrice Naiambana on migration, decoloniality and Othello”

What makes Natural Hair Academy 2016 Unique

Last Saturday, black women from different walks of life gathered in Paris, at this amazing venue in an organic park called “Parc Floral” to celebrate their beauty. It was my third time attending the Natural Hair Academy and this year’s edition was the biggest to this date! For those who have never heard about the Natural Hair Academy before, it’s an event that takes place each year in Paris with focus on natural hair. It’s also the biggest event in Europe of its kind and each year, experts within this field are invited from France and America to advice the visitors how to best take care of their hair. “What makes Natural Hair Academy 2016 Unique”