Seinabo Sey – Breath

Seinabo Sey a Gambian/Swedish recording artist and songwriter released a preview to the music video of her single- Breath some weeks ago. In the preview, we see melanated women and girls wearing dresses with vibrant colors taking a stroll along a path surrounded by nature. In the preview the viewers also see the women holding up a white cloth with the following words written on it  “ forward ever, backwards never”. These words are part of a quote from the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumahou, they were used as part of the chorus in the song. The single, Breathe, talks about identity and fitting into society. The official music video is yet to be released but the visuals are absolutely stunning. Until then watch the preview, the story behind the song and listen to the actual song in its full length. How many of you can relate to the lyrics, comment below!

Preview Seinabo Sey- Breath 

Seinabo Sey- The Story Behind “Breath” 

Seinabo Sey- Breathe (Lyric Video)