Useful hair accessories and tools

There are countless hair tools and accessories on the market and this can become a bit overwhelming. Depending on who you ask to find out which tools and accessories you need the list can become quite long. Here are a few suggestions on some basic haircare tools that can be good to have on hand.

Wide tooth comb

This is a standard tool in the home of a person with afro hair. A wide tooth comb is what should be used when detangling your hair. Never detangle dry hair, regardless of the comb used, as it causes breakage. Many find that having conditioner (balsam) in wet hair helps. There are many variations of the wide tooth comb, you’ll surely find your personal favorite. This is a Core Radiance comb without seams that will not snag the hair and cause breakage. It makes detangling a breeze.

Water spray bottle
The water spray bottle is a must-have. How else do you keep your afro moisturised daily? The good thing about the water spray bottle is that you can buy them for a cheap price in your regular food store and you can put what your hair loves in it. You can mix water with your favorite leave in conditioner, aloe vera gel or your favorite oil. The choices are endless, just play around with the mixture until you find your hair’s favorite one.

Hair accessories and tools
Hair accessories and tools

Silk scarf or bonnet
To keep your hair from getting dry while sleeping your best bed time friend should be a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. This prevents your hair from drying out when it comes in contact with the cotton of your pillow. You can also use your scarf to sleek down your edges when you wear your hair in a bun or a pony tail. You can also choose to sleep on a satin or silk pillow case instead of wearing a bonnet or scarf to bed.

Bobby Pins
Is it possible to live without bobby pins? Bobby pins are useful for so many things; be it pinning your hair up in an elaborate hair style or hiding a piece of hair that doesn’t want to collaborate. The only down side is that bobby pins get lost so easily, so buy a lot.

Hair tie
Hair ties and bobby pins are the most useful styling tools, with these on hand you can do almost anything. Just make sure you buy the seamless hair ties not the ones with metal on them because those can get stuck in your hair and cause breakage. You can use the hair tie to make a pony tail or a bun. You can also purchase a jumbo hair tie that can be used to create a big puff. Play around with them, the styling options are endless.

Which hair tool accessory do you use the most?