Why cultural identity is important for the survival of our heritage

As of lately I have been thinking about what cultural identity is and the impact it has on immigrants living in foreign countries. Cultural identity is the identification or sense of belonging to a particular group based on religion, ethnicity, nationality or gender. Let us take it from the beginning and allow me to properly introduce myself. “Why cultural identity is important for the survival of our heritage”

Kahmune shoes

Finding the right Nude

Finding the right shade of nude could turn out to be quite a challenge depending on what your shade of nude is and the country you are in. Finding certain products in countries where people of colour are a vast minority could a challenge as the market would not necessarily always cater to you. The past 10 years we have seen a shift within the beauty and fashion industry when discussing inclusiveness of people of colour. “Finding the right Nude”

Nobel Peace Prize 2018

The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was rewarded to Doctor Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad.

Doctor Mukwege was rewarded for his fight against sexual violence. He has worked relentlessly with helping thousands of victims affected by rape and sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “Nobel Peace Prize 2018”

Synthetic braids

The difference between the 5 most commonly used synthetic braids

If you have ever braided your hair using addition hair to your own to achieve a hairstyle then you might not be unfamiliar with synthetic braids. Synthetic braids come in different textures, colors, lengths, and quality. They can be used to create a variety of hairstyles and can be used on any hair type. (read more about hair types here ) “The difference between the 5 most commonly used synthetic braids”

Wizkid at Way Out West

Wizkid cancelled Way Out West

One of Nigeria’s largest artists, Wizkid, was set to perform at Way Out West in Gothenburg on 11th August. Speculations regarding whether he would perform at Way Out West in August arose when a comment was placed on Way Out West facebook page questioning them why they have not notified the public that artist will not be performing in Gothenburg. “Wizkid cancelled Way Out West”

Passion for animation

Discovering a passion for Animation

For many people, animation was a large part of their childhood and for others, it continued being part of their adulthood. Animation isn´t solely for children’s consumption there is animation work that specifically targets different age groups. According to statistics from Statista the worldwide value of the Animation Industry is valued to 259 billion USD as of 2018 with countries such as the United States, Japan, France, China, Korea, Germany, and Canada at the forefront.

With the animation industry being such a large market, contributing factors to the rapid growth is correlated with the advancement of technology. But who are the people that create the magic when putting an animation story together? “Discovering a passion for Animation”

African celeb living

African Celeb living

If you grew up during the beginning of 2000 then perhaps you remember MTV Cribs. It was a program on MTV that featured tours of mansions and houses of different American celebrities. Some popular African artists, as of now Nigerian artists, such a Timaya, Mr P, Praiz & Reminisce have so far participated in the African version of MTV Cribs produced by MTV Base Africa. “African Celeb living”