Tigrinya English Swedish
kemey hadirkum Play
Good morning Play
Godmorgon Play
kemey wielkum Play
Good afternoon Play
Godmiddag Play
kemey Amsikum Play
Good evening Play
God afton Play
men shmka? Play
What is your name? Play
Vad heter du? Play
kndey ametka? Play
How old are you? Play
Hur gammal är du? Play
bdhan mtsu Play
Welcome Play
Välkommen Play
Chaw! Play
Goodbye! Play
Hejdå! Play
Yekenyeley Play
Thank you Play
Tack Play
Kemey alekum? Play
How are you Play
Hur mår du? Play
Tsbuk aleku Play
I am fine Play
Jag mår bra Play
Taxi abbey krekb ykeil ? Play
Where can I get a taxi? Play
Var kan jag hitta en taxi? Play
Shkak abey alo? Play
Where is the way to the toilet? Play
Var finns toaletten? Play
Hotel abey krekb ykeil? Play
Where can I find a hotel ? Play
Var kan jag hitta en hotel? Play
Kndey tsheto akhutka? Play
How much are you selling your goods? Play
Hur mycket säljer du dina varor för? Play
Kbelie delye Play
I want to eat Play
Jag vill äta Play
Mai kseti delye Play
I want to drink water Play
Jag vill dricka vatten Play
Meste kighezi é delye Play
I want to buy a drink/beer Play
Jag vill köpa en drink/öl Play
Shygara kighezi é delye Play
I want to buy cigarette Play
Jag vill köpa cigaretter Play
Kidiks delye Play
I want to sleep Play
Jag vill sova Play
yfetweka Play
I like you Play
Jag gillar dig Play
izi arkey iyu Play
This is my friend Play
Det här är min kompis Play

Skandik Afrik magazine

Seventh edition, out now!

The seventh edition of Skandik Afrik magazine, the magazine that promotes inter-relationship among the African communities living in Scandinavia.

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