GOTHENBURG RACE;Which country will win this year race?

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     For the past three years, the winner for the Gothenburg Race which covers 21km distance have always been from Kenya. This year event will be coming up on 12th May 2012, which usually attracts about 60,000 participants or more.  Guess your way through and name the country where the winner of this year event will come from for both male and female category.

Send your answer to info@skandikafrik.com

Please note

Only the first two correct answers will be selected

All entries must be in before 12 noon of saturday 12th May 2012

Results will be announced on Saturday 12th May 2012 by 7:00pm


More info on the race, click http://www.goteborgsvarvet.se/Lopare/Loppen/GoteborgsVarvet-21-KM/


2012-05-12 11:21:40 | comeron


both female and male winner will come from my beautiful country Kenya...

2012-05-12 07:22:28 | Anonymous

A man from West-Africa

I think a man from west African will win this year race :) in Gothenburg

2012-05-09 19:11:03 | Adams

NA ME!!!

Jag ska vinna varvet UP NAIJA!!!!

2012-05-09 15:46:47 | Fredrick

Answer sent to ur box

Hi, l have sent my answer to your box. Hope l guessed right and looking forward to my 200kr

2012-05-08 04:27:07 | Jens


I guess a country from East Africa again. Its hard to know

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