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The two days visit of President Obama to Sweden should be a period of good reflection for both Americans and Swedes.  Apart from the discussion of free trade, environmental technology and the global security situation which are central of discussion, the American President should learn how Sweden has been able to lower its national debt and manage the economy recession that griped other European countries without any serious recourse in the public sector funding or have an adverse effect on the employment sector in Sweden.

Americans should also learn from the Swedes on how to stay neutral in some international affairs and still pursue their national interest without hurting anyone. Sweden is friends to all nations compared to the Americans that has develop lots of enemies either through intervention means, occupation of lands or undue interference in other nations affairs all in the name of national interest. However, using diplomatic means and restraint with emphasis on staying neutral in some cases may not work but adopting the Sweden standard of protecting its interest in other nation has always work and that is “Silence is Golden”.

Size and numbers matters when it comes to nation’s economy strength and problems. President Obama can still learn some few tips from Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on how to lower poverty rate in America as well as increase family welfares to all Americans.

It’s great news that Sweden is catching up in the field of capitalism and free trades which are previously dominated by the Americans, Fredrik Reinfeldt should learn how the Americans are managing the best brain in all sectors of their economy without focusing on color, skin or race. This I believe is one of the primary things that make America great and gives the Americans great sense of belonging and identity whenever you meet them in any part of the world. They say “Am American” However, it is a common knowledge in Sweden with “Once an immigrant, always an immigrant” No matter how long you have stayed in the country or how perfect you’re Swedish is, there will always be a preceding question of where originally are you from?

 I hope the two great leaders during their tete a tete in a private dinner would be frank with themselves and reflect on some of the points raised and share ideas on how it can be improved for the benefits of the common man they serve. 


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Kenneth Fagbe


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2013-09-05 08:22:58 | Micheal

Dont agree with you

@Pichichi, i totally agree with you when it comes to Sweden attitudes to immigrants which makes america far better to live and dream but as well from the article, America need to be a bit neutral and stop being over zealous when it comes to other nations affairs

2013-09-04 23:52:22 | Pichichi

Nothing to learn

There is basically nothing America can learn from Sweden. The difference is that Sweden only gives white cola jobs to its citizens, but America embraces immigrants. In Sweden, immigrants are limited to the dirty jobs around under the pretext of Swedish as a first language.

2013-09-04 19:01:31 | Steven

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