Clandestino festival opens the world to Sweden

juli 07-2014 | Skandik Afrik | Culture

     Clandestino festival, not just for the hipsters in Majorna! But rather a Cultural Festival where every visitor get new impression with wide range of surprises from different artists across the globe. A festival where compass for identification is set for inspiration and your travels reach is not reliant on what “Place of birth” that is in your passport. Intimacy and closeness are two strong magnetic forces that signify the festival as a whole.

At the opening night, the Egyptian music collective Mazaher engaged the audience in handclapping and dance-challenges, led by the dignified ladies whom performed in black and gold stained ankle-length outfits. Few courageous attendees accepted the challenge, mostly at the forefront from start, but the inspiration spread as the ladies with finger cymbals made their way into the crowd.  Both Mazaher and Nass Makan are collaborating with Clandestino through exchange projects with the Cairo based cultural center ECCA Makan that focuses on cultural expressions of minority groups, women and poor from the Nile region.

On Saturday 7th June the festival was held both at Musikens hus and Skjul 46.

UK based Ibibio Sound Machine accounted for the final act at Musikens Hus. Impressive concert by the eight strong groups which was led by Eno Williams. She sang in her mother tongue Ibibio from southeast Nigeria with surprised act from Eno’s mother who was on vacation trips with the band, joined in both the singing in Ibibio language and dancing together with her daughter on stage to everyone’s delight.  Loud ovations made the band took the second turn on stage to more serious swinging to the funky grooves of “Let’s Dance – Yak Inek Unek”.

At Skjul 46, the second phase of the Egyptian music collective awaited by Nass Makan and it was a more dreamy and soulful interaction. It requested not so much of dancing but rather to late hour’s reflection and singing call and response, as audience moved closer in the still light but chilly Gothenburg early-summer night. Even if light never got really distant, the approaching sets with Débruit & Alsarah and Brain Damage feat Sir Jean pushed the bottom back ON for up-beats and swinging dance inside. Brain Damage puts both the compass needle and volume meter on spin and rise, in directions towards Jamaica and with support by vocalist Sir Jean and lyrics that have strong Pan-African roots. Sir Jean is one of the brave that dares to address the delicate issues of the Western world success and collective bad consciousness.

Through Clandestino festival with bookings from all corners of the world, it opens your mind and will easily make you give thought on how much we have in common regardless of what “Place of Birth” that says in our passports. As we head to build a future where travels reach is to be set by solidarity as guiding compass.


The next CLANDESTINO BOTNIK will be coming up on 25th-27th of July in Bottna, close to Gerlesborg in Bohuslän when Mulatu Astatke (Ethiopia), King Ayisoba (Ghana), Neshama Band (Syria) and José Gonzáles (Sweden) are sets to perform.

 Keep posted with Skandik Afrik on how to purchase your tickets.

See some of the highlight at the festival

  Eno Williams from Ibibio Sound Machine


    Cross section of crowd at Clandestino


    Mazaher at the opening night



Article by: Sanna Ström

Photograpgh by: David Márquez




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