Namibians celebrate Silver Jubilee Independence in grand style

april 06-2015 | Skandik Afrik | People and Events

The Namibia community that lives in Sweden gathered together at Scandic Sergel Plaza in Stockholm to celebrate their 25th Independence anniversary. Namibia is one of the most peaceful and politically stable country in Africa. Due to their institutionalized democracy and good governance, the former president who recently left office in March 2015, Hifikepunye Pohamba got the Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership. The award that is given to leader who govern well and raise the living standard of its citizens.

The Namibia ambassador to Sweden, H.E Mrs. Morina Muuondjo in her speech to the people at Scandic  Sergel Plaza said -This is a special year for all Namibians, as we celebrate the Silver Jubilee of our independence and the inauguration of our Third President, we are optimistic of a brighter future.

Namibia gained independence on 21st March 1990 from South Africa under the apartheid regime between 1915 to 1960. And before then South West Africa (today’s Namibia) was ruled by the Germans between 1884 to 1915.

Namibia is the top ranked destination in Africa for mining investment according to the latest annual global survey released by The Fraser Institute's Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2014. With extensive minerals deposits like Uranium (4th largest in the world), Diamond (8th largest in the world), Gold, Copper and Lead in large quantity.  Thriving organic beef industry that meet international standard and agricultural products and easy network to other South African Development community which covers 14th country, Namibia is a stable economy to invest.

 It is a country with a population size of about 2.3 million people and land mass of 825,418 km² which is almost twice the land mass in Sweden.

For more information on Namibia, please click http://www.embassyofnamibia.se/




 Photograph by:  Amun-Re

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