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  The Southeast Asian integration association arranged on Sunday evening an open night where people could come and learn more about Indonesian Batik and eat Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng. The exhibition was arranged by the founders of the association, both of whom originate from Solo on Central Java in Indonesia.

During the evening several films about Batik production and history where shown and the visitors also had the opportunity to see different kinds of Batik that were displaced. Questions were asked by the visitors about the origination of Batiks which were easily provided for by the organizer of the exhibition by showing in map the different location in Indonesia with different motif on the Batik and the evening was ended with traditional Indonesian dance.

We could see many similarities between Indonesian and African batik, reason being that African batik has its origin from Java in Indonesia. The African batik is probably inspired by the modern batik that was created during the Dutch colonization of the Java Island. The Batik is called Adire in Yoruba tribe from Nigeria, Madiba in South Africa and so on. The Indonesians, through their genius work of art and creativity has touched every part of the world through Batik.  




 One of the organiser introducing the Indonesian menu for the exhibition.



Food that was served at the exhibition, Nasi Goreng.


 One of the visitor have a feel of Batik texture.



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