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Welcome to the smallest country in African, filled with different species of birds and beautiful coast line that open into the Atlantic Ocean. Welcome to the smiling coast of Africa, Gambia. It has a total area of around 11,295km2 with about 1.7 million people. Gambians are known for their excellent music and dancing steps and the majority of the populations are Muslims. The country has many ethnic groups with Mandika as the largest ethnic tribe followed by Fula, Wolof, Jola , Serer etc.

Although the country was a flash point for slave trade in the past and a visit to St James slave station is a reminder of past slave trade perpetrated by the colonial master. Other exciting places to visit in Gambia are the Baboon Island which is also known as the River Gambian National Park where you can find Wassu stone which is believed to be over 1200 years old and  were added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2006, Kiang West National Park and many more.

The capital city of Gambia is Banjul and English is the official language for business and it is used in school as a means of learning, but there are other dialects which are spoken by the Gambians like Mandika, Wolof, Fula and many others. However this article will focus on some of the simple Wolof words and its meaning in English and Swedish.

ENGLISH                           SWEDISH                                               GAMBIA WOLOF

Good morning                    Godmorgon                                            Nakah suba see

Good afternoon                  Godmiddag                                              Nakah njun see

Good evening                     God afton                                                 Nakah gudi bee

What is your name?            Vad heter du?                                          Nakah nga tuda?

How old are you                 Hur gammal är du?                                   Njata att nja a?

Welcome                             Välkommen                                              Ack see len

Goodbye!                           Hejdå!                                                      Daggoh nen!

Thank you                           Tack                                                          Jereh jeff

How are you?                     Hur mår du?                                             Nakah nga deff?

I am fine                             Jag mår bra                                               Mang see jamah

Where can I get a taxi?       Var kan jag hitta en taxi?                   Fan lah muna ameh taxi?


Where can I find a hotel?   Var kan jag hitta en hotel?                     Fan lah muna hotel?


I want to eat                       Jag vill äta                                               Dama buga lekah

I want to drink water         Jag vill dricka vatten                                Dama buga a naan nduh

I want to buy a drink/beer  Jag vill köpa en drink/öl                          Dama bug genda naan

I want to buy cigarette       Jag vill köpa cigaretter                             Dama buga gena cigarette

I want to sleep                    Jag vill sova                                              Dama buga nea lew

I like you                            Jag gillar dig                                             Dama lah buga

This is my friend                 Det här är min kompis                              Key sumah harit lah





Gambian population;  ≈1.7 million

Where in Africa; West Africa

Capital city; Banjul

Official Language; English

Other Languages;  Mandika, Wolof, Fula etc.

For further information check: http://www.gambia.gm/


2013-01-06 22:34:46 | Yaya


En mycket intressant bok, Gambia- den leede kusten. Fullmatad med spännande information på svenska,med vackra foton och detaljerade kartor. Bra läsning info resan till Gambia, och en bra sälskap till resan. www.gambiainfos.com

2012-02-21 02:50:27 | Wendy


nice introduktion of the country

2012-02-19 22:30:40 | Ayesoro Akintade

Gambia independence day..

Gambia......a place to visit,Africa is beautiful.

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