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The Malian takes the world by storm with their music. Recently a Malian, Tinariwen in their album Tassili won the Grammy Award for World Best Music Album 2012. Tinariwen  is a group of poet-guitarist  from Sahara Desert region of the Northern Mali which was formed around late 80`s in the refugee camp of Libya who often refer to themselves as the soul rebel. Listening to Tinariwen, in Tassili will take your mind back to that soul music with unadulterated songs coming out from a Sahara Desert



Amadou & Mariam have toured the world with their music. These musical duo are from Mali, even though they have physical  challenges, their talent through their vocals and guitar made them known around the world. They have won many awards across the world like the French Victoire de la Musique prize for the World Music album of the year with Dimanche à Bamako, BBC Radio 3 Award for the World Music in the African and Best Album categories for the Dimache à Bamako. The Swedes will have opprotunity to see these talented duo in Stockholm on 3rd March 2012 and in Gothenburg on 5th March 2012.




2012-02-28 21:15:49 | Ahmed

Waiting for the concert i göteborg

Am goin to be in Amadou&Mariam concert. cant wait to see them sing:)

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