About us

Skandik Afrik is a company that works primarily with uplifting the interest of the Scandinavia countries and the African continent. This is obtained through various coverage of events or seminars within several subjects that are of interest to the Afro-Scandinavian communities. The coverages are done within the parameters of the Scandinavian countries and are meant to bridge the African continent and Scandinavian countries through subjects that are of mutual interest. Through the company’s website, viewers can follow the latest news on activities that may be of concern to the Afro-Scandinavian or Scandinavian. Apart from the website, Skandik Afrik also produces an Online Magazine 0f which viewers can access free on the company website. The magazine is also available in printed version.

Skandik Afrik provides the most relevant network for the Afro-Scandinavia communities through our coverage on things related to the traditional values, music, people and event. We also celebrate individuals that are an inspiration to others.

Skandik Afrik promotes Scandinavia values, better integration for Africans living in Scandinavia and bridge the interest of the Scandinavia countries and the continent of Africa.


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Contact us for any information relating to Africans living in Scandinavia or tips about events or information that connect Scandinavia with Africa.  

Send tips and inquiries to:  info@skandikafrik.com 

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