Afro hair for men

There seems to be a bit of a misconception that the natural hair community is only for women, this is not the case. Men are more than welcome to learn to care for their afro hair or their child’s afro hair. No matter if you are male or female you need knowledge to grow healthy hair.

There is a variation of hair styles for men as well, ranging from locs (a.k.a. dreadlocks) like Bob Marley, short hair like Barack Obama, flat top with a fade like Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, big afro like Questlove of The Roots, cornrows like D’Angelo in the 90’s/00’s, etc. This gives men a lot of options to try new things, even though men generally like to stick to one hair style over a long period of time.

With short hair styles (regardless if you are a man or a woman) you can get away with doing less for your hair. But you may still benefit to learn a bit more about afro hair in order to choose the right products and hair care routine for you. Just adding something simple to your hair like spritzing with water daily can make a huge change for your hair. It may not work to use the same products your partner or friend is using, your hair may need something a bit different. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about hair care so you can learn more. It’s good to have some knowledge to keep your hair in the state you want between visits to the barber shop or hair dresser.

Afro hair for men
Natural hair styles for men

Fathers that know how to care for their children’s hair is very nice to see. There’s an assumption that it’s the mothers role to deal with the hair care, but it’s a great role model for children to see that their father can care for their hair. It can also be a great way for a father and child to bond. A lot of conversation can take place during the hair care ritual. Your child will also learn a lot by seeing you care for your hair. Ask him or her questions about their hair to make them feel comfortable talking to you about hair. Explain what you are doing when you care for your hair so they can learn as they watch you.

There are more hair bloggers and vloggers popping up online, which makes it easier as a man to find a relatable platform of information. For some male natural hair care bloggers check out Manly Curls or Mane Man. For locs check out Men With Locs. You can also join online forums and groups for more.