Finding the right Nude

Finding the right shade of nude could turn out to be quite a challenge depending on what your shade of nude is and the country you are in. Finding certain products in countries where people of colour are a vast minority could a challenge as the market would not necessarily always cater to you. The past 10 years we have seen a shift within the beauty and fashion industry when discussing inclusiveness of people of colour. Several brands have stepped up to the challenge of being more inclusive by expanding collections of nude products that match a diverse range of skin tones. A lot of these products would have to order online if you reside in Scandinavia or Europe. Here is a list of black-owned businesses catering to people of colour by catering to a demographic that has previously been ignored.


The founder Jamela A Acheampong started Kahmune, a footwear brand that offers high-end shoes in a variety of brown shades. The idea to the company emerged when she was unable to find affordable shoes that matched her darker skin tone.  The shoes are produced in Italy and do offer customers to custom design their shoes by selecting the size, heel height and shade.  International shipping is offered.

Kahmune shoes
Kahmune shoes. Source-Kahmune

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Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin is brand created by Ade Hassan. Nubian Skin is a British hosiery and lingerie brand made for women of colour. The idea to Nubian Skin grew from the frustration of not being able to find skin tone choices of lingerie.  With headquarters in London, Nubian Skin offers international delivery.

Apart from nude lingerie for dark skinned women, Nubian skin also offers shoes in darker shades.

Nubian Skin

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Mahogany Blues

Mahogany Blues is a dance and swimsuit apparel company that was started by swimsuit designer Whitney Bracey. They offer leotards in a variety of nude shades to both male and females.


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Why are there no nude collections for dark-skinned men? Is there no market for it? Do you know of any brands offering nude collections to dark-skinned men, comment brands below!