Seinabo Sey – Breath

Seinabo Sey a Gambian/Swedish recording artist and songwriter released a preview to the music video of her single- Breath some weeks ago. In the preview, we see melanated women and girls wearing dresses with vibrant colors taking a stroll along a path surrounded by nature. “Seinabo Sey – Breath”

Reggae Lounge Every Wednesday

Reggae Lounge is a Wednesday club that has been active since 2012 with Axxionpack & guest behind the turning table. Entrance is free from 21:00-02:00.

Hair Typing: How to determine Hair Type

Hair typing is a constant topic online when speaking about natural afro hair. People often ask for help to determine their hair type in order to figure out how to best care for their hair. Using numbers 1 to 4, the hair typing system is said to be created by celebrity stylist Andre Walker. This system grades hair from 1 (straight hair), 2 (wavy hair), 3 (curly hair) and 4 (kinky hair). “Hair Typing: How to determine Hair Type”

Cape Town Natural Hair Fest

On December 18th the first ever Cape Town Natural Hair Fest was held at the Blue Bird Garage in Muizenburg, South Africa. The event was hosted by the five stars Eleonore Barkes (@eleonorejadore), Kasuba Stuurman (@mevrou_stuurman), Chantal De Kock (@chantaldekock), Amanda Cooke (@capetowncurly) & Simone Thomas (@kroesrocks). After months of planning the day had finally come for all their hard work to show.  “Cape Town Natural Hair Fest”

Burlesque in Gothenburg

In order to understand Burlesque in Gothenburg, you will have to understand its context: Burlesque dates back to as far as the 19th century, but its form today owes more to a type of 50’s striptease that developed in theatres and cabaret shows at the time.Today Burlesque has become many things, from an art form where undressing on stage is not even compulsory to a dance said to celebrate our body’s many different types of shapes making it sometimes more of a political expression of feminism. “Burlesque in Gothenburg”

What Natural Hair Expression And Abbreviations Mean

Are you new to the natural hair community and find yourself confused by words and abbreviations? Or do you get put off and lose patience when you read blogs and online forums without being able to follow the whole conversation? Like any community, the natural hair community has developed it’s own way for speaking in terms of words, expressions and abbreviations. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what a person is speaking about by the content, but this isn’t always the case. Here’s a list of useful words and phrases to know when you are diving into the natural hair scene: “What Natural Hair Expression And Abbreviations Mean”