Kenyan independence in Sweden

Kenyans in Gothenburg celebrated their Jamhuri day with enthusiasm and energy. It was a climax for the end of the year meeting as well as a time to enjoy the independence and freedom. Independence day reminds us of the struggle for human rights and freedom. The theme of the day was `youth and freedom’.  The message of the freedom to be a part of nation building and unity was delivered by Ms. Sarah Nyangena the initiator of the process. “Kenyan independence in Sweden”

Glow of the week

Getting to book a time with Dr. Kayode Adekunle was not easy. He is a researcher and a lecturer at the University of Borås, he is also the coordinator for waste management project in Nigeria. Skandik Afrik Interview the Glow man of the month, a pacesetter and an achiever.

“Glow of the week”