How youth engaged the politicians at Gävle meet Africa

As part of activities for Gävle meet Africa, the youth from Rapatac engaged the politicians in a debate to see how the school system could be developed further within the community. The debate was also about the status of the teaching profession, the effects and the influence teachers have on their students.

“It is very important to have an inspiring teacher, a teacher that will lead me in the right direction and if I go wrong, the kind of teacher that must show the way.” Deborah Tshakasua said.

As part of the programme, there was a short theatrical act that illustrated African cultures and values.The piece was put together by Theresa Ogionwo, a student of International Social Worker at the University of Gävle and some other youth which she works with as an intern in Rapatac.

There was also a workshop presentation of Gambia, Burundi, Nigeria, Somalia, Senegal and Eritrea at the Gävle meet Africa. A presentation of Rapatac for the people project in Senegal was highlighted by Milton N’diaye where he mentioned some of the completed projects in Mbodiene, Senegal. Such projects include 20 computer installations for school to connect them to the world, a built marketplace called Marche Gävle De Mbodiene for women to improve the condition of the environment where they sell their wares and renovation of the village Childbirth Local for easy and effective delivery care.

Needle Point and Remay Couture, designers from Nigeria were featured in the runway at the Gävle meet Africa with African clothes designs combined with brilliant colour and modern style.

The event was rounded up by Moussa N’daiye with assurance that next year’s activities will span a whole week with an injection of new ideas.

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